Camera case Leica M3 DS : red water snake

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Enhance your Leica M3 DS (Buddha ear) with a leather camera case.

I produce a leather camera case to meet the needs of the Leica M3. High quality cowhide hand-sewn trim inside the leather case. The thread used for sewing is a good quality polyester yarn widely accepted in the leather industry.

Beautiful and exotic water snake skin on the outside of the case. Perfectly designed, optional, camera strap to complement your snake skin collection.

100% handmade.
Available for Leica M3 DS Buddha ear only ***

Material : High quality suede leather, Exotic water snake skin, Metal, Nikkel

Leather outside color (Water snake) : Red , Black, Brown, Navy, White-black
Leather inside color (Suede) : Red , Gold , Gray , Black , Brown
Thickness : 2.5 m.m.
weight : 50 g.

Please understand the nature of the work crafted by hand.

1. According to the report, the size, length, thickness and width may deviate from the actual products.

2. Colors of the products may vary slightly from different monitor screen.
3. Because SANCHATTHAI is made by genuine leather, wrinkles may appear on the camera strap.
4. Camera and prop are not included.

SANCHATTHAI, as a group of photographers with more than 25 years of experience, understands what the needs are and how to balance them into such lifestyle.