The Street-PD Black : Personalized Nylon strap combination with Peak Designs

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The Street series.

Nylon camera straps from SANCHATTHAI which are designed to fit all mirrorless camera and SLR/DSLR with round ring strap tie. Combination with Anchor links, PEAK DESIGN.

100% handmade.
Available for Sony, Fujifilm, Leica, Panasonic, Canon, Nikon, Ricoh.

Material : High quality cow leather, Metal, Nikkel, nylon

Nylon Color : Black
Leather and stitch Color : Black leather / Red Stitch

Dimension :
Width 20 m.m.
Thickness 2 m.m.
Length (end to end) 104 c.m.

Strap weight : 70 g.

We offer monogramming service to our customer on complimentary basis. You could personalize your own phrase up to 11 characters (5 m.m. height, A-Z, 0-9 and @ # &). Heat emboss on small leather tag. *** Please leave note to inform of the phrase/name which you wish to have embossed when you purchase.

Please understand the nature of the work crafted by hand.

1. According to the report, the size, length, thickness and width may deviate from the actual products. Cable Length may deviate up to 2-4 c.m.

2. Leather surface varies according to the types of dye. This might affect how the Monogramming turns out.

3. Colors of the products may vary slightly from different monitor screen.
4. Because SANCHATTHAI is made by genuine leather, wrinkles may appear on the camera strap.
5. Camera and prop are not included.
6. Anchor Links, PEAK DESIGN is included.